The B.E.S.T. Program

1Immediate Access
Once you purchase the package that best works for your company, your new and existing employees can begin watching and testing their knowledge on each module immediately. This means that you can feel confident that everyone fully understands the basic skills necessary to do their job well this week. And since you are buying the program annually, you only pay one price to train each new employee for the rest of the year. Once all your employees are trained, you can choose to keep the program each year you plan to hire new employees, or cancel your package altogether.
2Accessing the modules
We have made accessing your package easy. There are no emails to search for, videos to download, or files to store. Everything is kept conveniently in your account on our website. Just login to your account, click “downloads” on the left side of the page, and choose the video you want to watch. If you are using a team training, choose the training you want and print or download the pdf you need, as often as you want.
One of the biggest savings the BEST Program brings to your company is time. To create this training program internally, your staff would need to spend hundreds of hours (just as we have) researching this information, consolidating it, preparing it, and presenting it to your employees. Plus, in less than seven hours an employee can watch all 13 modules online. This saves you paying a manager and that same employee those same hours to go through all the training time together. Additional savings are realized when you add in the cost of supplies to present your training program to each employee, the savings alone makes the BEST Program a valuable investment.
4Enhanced Productivity
We have spoken with many businesses who have all said the same thing: they spend a considerable amount of managerial time instructing new employees on the basic skills necessary to do their job well. The BEST Program gives all your employees the training they need to function well. And since each module is testable, you can know that they have been presented with the information needed and can easily hold each employee accountable to that knowledge.
5Team Trainings
For those who purchase the Professional and Executive packages, team trainings are included. These simple step-by-step scenarios allow you to take your employees to the next level of understanding and develop more coherent ideas of what you expect from your team members.
The BEST Program offers accountability of employees beyond what an interview can provide. Companies often assume that employees come in their doors with a basic knowledge of soft skills. However, we are learning this is not always true. We offer you the confidence of knowing that when an employee finishes our learning modules, you have a reference of skills and information they agreed to know and utilize with your company.
7Ongoing Knowledge
Each year, we will review, renew, update, and enhance the content of the BEST Program, bringing you better continuous state-of-the-art information. New video modules will be automatically uploaded to the website and will be included in your annual program rate.
8Helpful Support
Our system is easy to use and designed with the end user in mind. Once you purchase the program that is right for your company, you simply access the modules on our website in “My Account” that you want your employees to watch. Once employees view each module, an evaluation test will be administered immediately.

If you have any problems, we are here to help. Contact us at (336) 734-9476 and a representative will be available to help you.